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What are the functions of quartz crucible
Release timeú║2016.05.18 News sourceú║Jiangxi Zhongyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Browsing numberú║

Functional characteristics of quartz crucible:

1 the quartz crucible can be used in 1450 degrees, and lit two lit points. Arc discharge method, the semi transparent quartz crucible is pulling large diameter single crystal silicon, to carry out large scale integrated circuit essential foundation materials. Today, the world semiconductor industry in developed countries has used this crucible instead of small transparent quartz crucible. He has high purity and strong heat resistance, large scale, high precision and good insulation, energy saving, stable quality etc..

2, HF can not touch, high temperature, the effect of carbonate easily and caustic and alkali metal.

3 quartz crucible suitable for use K2S2O7, KHSO4 and Na2S207 as flux melted samples (first drying at 212 degrees) as flux sample.

4 quartz brittle, easy to break, the use should pay attention to.

5 except for HF, the quartz glass crucible can be used as a cleaning solution.

The common drawing for single crystal silicon quartz crucible 18 inches and 20 inches have 22 or more manufacturers to use crucible. Now the 18 and 20 inch crucible technology, which is produced by domestic crucible manufacturers, is a sophisticated technology. Its production and use of quartz sand is mainly imported from the United states. Domestic production of quartz sand purity are not up to its request. The material in the impurities in the production of high temperature melting process to produce black bubble on the drawing of single crystal silicon is its stability is bound to affect the.

Now crucible production coating technology has been most manufacturers use is in the common quartz sand solution of crucible surface coated on a layer of high purity quartz sand which formed as a dense layer. The fine layer can obstruct the monocrystalline silicon high temperature drawing process of silicon and quartz crucible reaction progress crystal yield.

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