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Characteristics of sanitary ceramics industry in China
Release timeú║2016.12.06 News sourceú║Jiangxi Zhongyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Browsing numberú║
Sanitary ceramic products China production are semi porcelain and porcelain, a washbasin, toilet, urinal, bidet, water tank, washing tank, tub, return pipe, soap, toilet paper box, towel rack, dressing table, hanger, sanitary ware, train special laboratory tank category. Each category has many forms, such as washing machine, desktop, wall hanging type and column type; a toilet seat type and squatting type toilet, and according to the drainage way have strong fall type, siphon type, siphon type, siphon vortex injection etc.. China standard, absorbing various semi sanitary ceramics was less than or equal to 4.5%; heat shock resistance (100C water heating 5 minutes into 15 ~ 16C water) three times without cracking. Ordinary glaze whiteness is greater than or equal to 60 degrees; whiteness is greater than or equal to 70 degrees. In addition, the appearance quality, specifications, size tolerance, use function, etc., also have clear provisions.
Sanitary ceramics is sanitary and sanitary ware. Compared with the whole international market, China's sanitary ceramics industry started relatively late, and sanitary ceramics in China is a new industry. But due to have a good tradition in the ceramic technology, and Chinese sanitary ceramics industry continuous efforts, based on introducing and digesting foreign advanced technology and equipment and learning foreign management experience, has made significant development, has reached or even exceeded the level of foreign brand line.
Production process of sanitary ceramic product
Once firing
Sanitary ceramics production process, generally in the 1250 ~ 1280C temperature of the conditions of a firing. Kaolin (20 ~ 30%), high plastic clay (20 ~ 30%), quartz (30 ~ 40%) and potassium feldspar (10 ~ 20%) for billet main raw material, adding a small amount of water and electrolyte, the fine grinding performance of mud made provisions; feldspar, quartz, limestone, dolomite, talc, magnesite, Zinc Oxide, barium carbonate based glaze; zircon, tin oxide as opalizer glaze coloring materials; to Ge Xihong, green, yellow, chrome vanadium zirconium vanadium zirconium blue, praseodymium zirconium yellow, zirconium praseodymium blue ceramic pigment color glaze.
Plaster mould casting
Sanitary ceramics because of its complex shape, generally with a plaster mold casting, China commonly used type pipe pressure grouting and vacuum grouting technology to other countries, the effective transmission of desktop machine, belt type grouting GROUTING molding machine, washing machine vertical casting machine etc.. The shape and structure of the products are relatively simple, but also the use of static pressure and electrophoresis molding method.
Firing kiln
Firing furnace, China's multi use of heavy oil burning of the flame or semi flame tunnel kiln, a single layer of burning; other countries generally use natural gas, kerosene and other clean fuel burning of the bright flame tunnel kiln or prism type kiln, single or multilayer.
In 80s, sanitary ceramic products are further to improve the use function, reduce noise, reduce weight, save water, convenient installation, the use of comfort, styling and decorative appearance and other aspects of development. Production plant not only to provide users with assembled a good piece of health, but also to provide a complete set of the entire bathroom. Positive rapid prototyping, low temperature fast firing and high efficiency energy saving kiln etc..
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