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The method of ancient ceramic glaze
Release timeú║2016.12.06 News sourceú║Jiangxi Zhongyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Browsing numberú║
Glaze is a kind of vitreous layer on the surface of the ceramic ware. It makes the surface of the ceramic surface clean and beautiful, the water absorption is small, easy to wash and keep clean. Because of the chemical properties of the glaze, glaze and porcelain with high hardness, durability and ability of acid and alkali, salt erosion. In addition, the color glaze can also play a decorative role, so that porcelain more beautiful.
There are many kinds of ancient ceramic glaze in our country. According to different standards, there are different classification methods. In accordance with the glaze composition, can be divided into lime glaze, feldspar glaze; according to the firing temperature, can be divided into high temperature and low temperature glaze glaze; according to the appearance after firing, can be divided into transparent glaze, glaze, color glaze, glaze, light glaze, crystalline glaze, glaze, glass cutting glaze, glaze. In addition, there are a variety of methods, such as dip glaze, dip glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, etc.. The most representative porcelain are many, such as brother porcelain glaze, Jun porcelain glaze, Ding white porcelain wax tears.
Ancient ceramic glaze production, material sources, like clay, and general materials. The glaze composition is different, and the difference between the firing temperature, the kiln atmosphere, glazing method, process technology, various regions, various kiln ceramic products will tend to form certain characteristics in the glaze, with distinct characteristics. Such as the Tang Dynasty kiln porcelain production in Shouzhou yellow glaze, another black glaze, glaze and glaze tea powder. Yellow glaze glaze color shades, showing yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow green, yellow eel color, thick glaze product artifacts are often green glaze blue. By using dipping method of glazing glaze, glaze is generally less than bottom, and the bottom with many artifacts without glaze, often flow glaze, utensils under abdomen wax tears. The uneven thickness of glaze layer, a glass glaze color shade, strong texture. The glaze is sometimes not closely combined, peel glaze and natural phenomenon seems to appear.
The ancient kiln, although some also produce a variety of glaze products, but generally to one or several kinds of glaze products. Such as Xing Ding, white glaze, yellow glaze Shouzhou kiln, kiln, kiln, kiln, Yaozhou kiln, Longquan celadon, black glaze kiln, Jun glaze, white glaze, azure moon rose purple glaze. Some of the characteristics of the kiln mouth glaze, and sometimes even more obvious than the characteristics of the tire. Experienced ancient ceramic identification, and sometimes only need to look at the artifacts of the glaze, which can roughly determine the kiln. Such as the earthworm mud lines, Jun Ding's tears and wax bamboo brush marks, the Song Dynasty porcelain of Yaozhou kiln bottom foot ginger glaze and other characteristics, which is one of the key points in the identification of porcelain kilns, as well as the authenticity of the.
The utensils of the same kiln mouth, in different development period, because of the composition of the glaze composition, firing temperature, the change of the kiln atmosphere, or the improvement of process technology, the glaze of the product will show different characteristics. For example, Yue celadon glaze, the early Tang Dynasty is yellow green or yellow rice, a few artifacts blue, the glaze is not in the end; the Mid Tang Dynasty used sagger firing, artifacts were applied glaze, glaze finish is greatly improved, the majority of blue glaze; Tang and the Five Dynasties, commonly used sagger firing. Glazed smooth moist, green glaze are reached, rubing Siyu effect; the five generation of the Northern Song Dynasty, a large number of "tribute porcelain" color with green glaze, smooth, porcelain with blue civil; to the late Northern Song Dynasty, a blue grey glaze. Again, the Song Dynasty Longquan celadon, in the Northern Song Dynasty for lime glaze, viscosity at high temperature is small, easy to flow to light greenish blue glaze, glaze, yellow or green brown glaze layer is thin, strong luster glaze, the glaze layer is transparent; in the Southern Song Dynasty when the lime alkaline glaze, viscosity at high temperature in large, difficult to flow the glaze, the glaze layer is thick, and the powder blue glaze to Mei Ziqing as the representative. The powder blue glaze glaze soft luster, elegant, with jade artistic effect; Mei Ziqing glaze powder green more than thick, strong luster glaze, the glaze layer slightly transparent, and emerald tones can be comparable to.
In the ancient ceramic production, in the choice of materials, with the glaze, kiln, kiln workers with experience to grasp, at the same time as more sensitive to mild atmosphere inside the kiln kiln glaze, and firing in the glaze, enamel products, etc. there will be some differences. Even the glaze ingredients identical objects, because of the different position in the kiln, firing will show different color sometimes, the so-called "kiln with different" phenomenon. Shaanxi Huangbao kiln in Yaozhou as an example, the celadon tone there are dozens of kinds, such as blue, green, white grape crab, shrimp, green beans etc.. In addition, the ancient kilns usually produce a variety of glaze products, such as the Song Dynasty celadon kiln in Yaozhou in addition to the production, but also the production of white porcelain, porcelain, porcelain color; Song Dynasty Ding in addition to the production of white porcelain, but also the production of black (black), Brown (purple) and green glazed porcelain (green).
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